Specialising in custom made earplugs for noise and water protection and recreational use.

Earmold Sydney offers Custom Ear plugs that develop a tight seal for the inner ear canal. The individual’s ear is used as a mould, enabling a snug, water-tight fit that is ideal for maximum noise and water protection. Our professional earplugs also make an ideal custom fitted earpiece when fitted with recreational stereo wires, two way radio wires, race comms or our Bluetooth unit.

Our products are ideal for

custom ear plugs

Noisy applications
Reduce the harmful effects of loud noises. Great for shooters, landscaping/gardening, flying, etc.

earplugs for swimming

Prevent burst eardrums and ear infections. Great for surfing, squad training & bath/shower.

Motorbike riders
Comfortable plugs for under your helmet. Eliminate wind noise + music/comms capabilities.

musicians earplugs

Great for DJs and band members. Protect your hearing without compromising your listening.

custom ear plugs

Factory workers
A great alternative to muffs or disposables. Suitable for a range of industries.

earplugs for sleeping

Great for shift workers, noisy neighbourhoods or those with a snoring partner.

Advantages of our products

  • Made on the spot
  • Comfortable
  • Hygienic
  • Custom fit
  • Watertight seal
  • Tax deductable
  • No referrals necessary

Our Products

Our earplugs are available in a range of colours including red, hot pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and tan.

custom ear plugs

A custom-fitted plug with a watertight seal. Great for noise and water protection.

custom ear plugs

A slimmer fit to our standard plug. Ideally used when sleeping or under a motorbike helmet.

custom ear plugs

Our standard earplugs with a cord attached. Commonly used in industrial environments.

musicians earplugs

Our standard plug fitted with a musician’s filter that muffles damaging sounds whilst letting others through.

musicians earplugs

Our stereo wires with a 3.5mm plug-in jack has 2 options available. Also available is our Bluetooth Unit.

Our standard plug fitted with radio wires. Great for radio communication in industry or racing.

Custom Ear Plugs