Say goodbye to worksites littered with incorrectly disposed foam plugs! No more hot summers or workers suffering with the pressure and sweat from heavy earmuffs!

Our earplugs are made from a medical grade, hypo-allergenic silicone and offer a custom fit using your ears as the mould. They offer a superior fit to disposable plugs and earmuffs, giving your employees the best in comfort and hearing protection. Our earplugs comply with the AS/NZS1270-2002 Acoustics-Hearing Protection standard as a Class 5 protector with an SLC 80 rating of 28dB.

Industrial accounts looking for a cost effective solution in protecting their employees should look no further!

Cost Comparison for 1 Employee
Cost per day
Based on 3 sets per day @ 25 cents a pair
Cost per year
Based on 240 work days (5 days a week x 48 work weeks)
Acquisition cost for a standard set of plugs $85
Cost per year assuming 1 year product life cycle* $85
Cost per year assuming 2 year product life cycle* $42.50

The process is simpleā€¦ each employee is required for 10-15 minutes for a fitting. After all employees have been fitted, the earplugs are completed and returned to you within the day. Larger workplaces or fittings covering multiple work shifts may require a different completion schedule. Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

*Most workplaces experience a product life cycle of 12-24 months. This depends on the industry, work environment conditions and frequency of use of the earplugs. For example, our customers in metalworking environments will generally see a 12-month product lifecycle, while those in woodworking generally see a 24-month product lifecycle.