About us

Earmold Sydney was established in 1992. Since then, we have provided thousands of individuals and workplaces with our custom-fitted earplugs. Our earplugs are made from a medical grade, hypo-allergenic silicone and offer a custom fit using your ears as the mould.

We operate on an appointment ONLY basis. Individual fittings are completed in our Blacktown office. Our earplugs are suitable for adults and children across a number of applications.

For industrial fittings, we can come to your worksite to fit several employees together. While many of our customers are located within Sydney, we also service NSW and the ACT. Our earplugs are WorkCover approved and offer a high rate of hearing protection as tested under the Australian Standard AS/NZS1270-2002.


To book an appointment for yourself or your worksite, get in touch on 0418 605 671 or via joanne@earmoldsydney.com.au

Important information

Our earplugs are NOT suitable for scuba diving.

Our ears grow and change all our lives, and this growth occurs at a faster rate for children. When growth occurs, earplugs may need to be re-sealed or re-fitted to ensure a watertight seal is maintained.

Earplugs fitted with recreational stereo wires, two way radio wires or race comm wires will deliver sound directly into the ear. It is advised that you lower the volume on your device to avoid discomfort or hearing damage.

While our earplugs are suitable for a number of applications, earplugs fitted with recreational stereo wires, two way radio wires or race comm wires SHOULD NOT be used in water.